3 Ways to Protect Your Dog From the Heat


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As I type this, the temperature outside is 113 degrees,  too hot for me and way too hot for a 4 legged friend wearing a fur coat.

Duffy goes out early in the morning, and in the evening and during the day onto the grass. To protect your dogs eyes, we recommend sunglasses, known as doggles, and protection for their feet.

Put the back of your hand on the ground to get a sense of how dog bootsuncomfortable your dog may be.  Dog Boots are an ideal solution of those early evening walks, when the air is cool, but the ground is still radiating heat.  Your canine friend is much closer to the ground and you don’t want to forget that in a fur coat your little buddy is much warmer than you are.

healing oatmeal paw butterKeep some healing creams on hand, in case you make a mistake and take your dog out too soon, I recommend Oatmeal Paw Butter.