Dog Parks in Coachella Valley

Before taking your dog out, check the temperature. If it is, or has been, a hot day keep in mind that your friend is wearing a fur coat – and is closer to the radiant heat of the ground. Here are some suggestions for protecting your pet.

Palm Springs Dog Park


Behind City Hall

3200 E Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA, US 92262

The Palm Springs Dog Park consists of 1.6 acres of fenced-in rolling grass with fire hydrants, dual purpose canine/human drinking fountains, picnic tables and benches made from recycled materials, solar lighting and shade structures. Dogs run and play leash-free; park never closes. Separate play area for small dogs. Beautiful fence designed and built by artist Phill Evans; double-gated for safety.

University Dog Park

74802 University Park Drive  Palm Desert

university-dog-park-palm-desert-2University Dog Park is fenced with 2.5 acres benches, shade, picnic pavilions, and separate areas for large and small dogs.unversity dog park







Cahuilla Hills Park, Palm Desert

45825 Edgehill Drive, Palm Desert

cahuilla dog park

Cahuilla Hills Park is nearly 26 acres of undeveloped open space that serves as the trailhead for the Cahuilla Hills Trails System. There are off-leash exercise in the designated area of this public park, though be careful as the area is not fully fenced.

The hike requires a leash – be sure to bring water and be careful about hot days and your dogs feet. On the other side of the one hour hike ends at another off leash area at Homme Adams Park.


Civic Center Dog Park, Palm Desertdog park palm desert  

43900 San Pablo Ave., Palm Desert

Civic Center Dog Park is probably one of the best in the Palm Springs area.  3/4 acre, fenced, picnic tables and areas for small dogs, separate from dogs at the park in Palm Desertbig dogs.


palm desert dog park



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